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Megamind Online

To maximize the leads for their Global Educational services and views on the webinars through paid social media campaigns.

Megamind consultants offer free admission counselling, where they provide expert guidance related to Overseas College Admissions, Application Process, Test Prep, Scholarships, Visa Processing, Pre-Departure and Post Arrival.With over 632+ Globally Ranked Partner Colleges, Megamind provides counselling for – Studying in Germany, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.


Lead Generation was the only main focus while executing the campaigns for MEGAMIND to maximize the leads for the series of exclusive offers they had in order to target all the students and working professionals who were aspiring to study abroad.

Apart from generating leads there was one more important thing that was needed to be maximized, which was the views on their online webinars. To promote those webinars we created persuasion enriched posts and then boosted them.Which led to a hit campaign eventually, rolling out good number of students and working professionals as viewers.

So, the question was the neutral element among the vast audience which was narrowed down through rigorous promotions on Facebook & Instagram informing and engaging all the targeted audiences.Extracted quality data and maintained responsive digital platforms for a lasting engagement.

Ladli Foundation


Ladli is renowned for its unique initiatives for empowering & rehabilitating lacs of unprivileged and uneducated females & Adolescents in highly sensitive slums & rural parts of India. We were responsible for revamping their marketing and branding strategy.

Ladli Foundation Trust is a non-profit social organization registered under Various Govt. acts Including FCRA and awarded official associations from various prestigious Govt. Departments Such as Delhi Police, AIIMS, Delhi Education Department, UPSACS etc. for implementing grassroots initiatives.

Research on 3 I’s

Brand Awareness:

Having had a little exposure in the digital marketing domain, we wanted to understand their current social media strategy. Before moving ahead with changes on their social media platforms, we decided to first explain to them the importance of social media, especially in audience engagement. We gave them the following pointers:

  • Social Media – organic and paid
  • Instagram hashtags
  • Content; photos, text & videos
  • Frequency and duration of posts in a day
  • Audience engagement.

And finally started building up their first campaign with us for “ Maha Kanya Pujan, A Mega Event To Promote Gender Equality & Girls Health & Education”


We designed this innovative campaign which aims at building up an empire for females in the society which enables them to be healthy, prosperous and self-dependent. Starting from the initiative awareness campaign to building up the invites for the event, we did it all, targeting the people who truly wanted to be part of this initiative and wanted to contribute to the event.


Create more content online for purpose of audience reach and engagement.


Build a story that talks about Ladli Foundation Trust as a brand, and its ground reality.


Improve the brand image by creating a uniform and visually engaging content

Campaigns generated interest among the audience in the Early ’20s and Late ’40s + 50s, engaged group of people who were willing to protector and pledge that they will always respect women and never become a partner in crime against any woman and if anyone misbehaves with a woman in front of them, then they will oppose it!

Overall it resulted into great engagement


Industry RETAIL

To establish as a fitness clothing brand, changing the way of fitness fashion for men & women. To have a great online presence & encourage sales.

Fitkin is a fitness clothing brand for men & women.
It is your one-stop-shop for all gym gear needs, this active wear clothing brand offers high fashion & in trend fitness clothing range for the fitness enthusiasts.Their motto as an active Fitness Clothing brand is not only to cater to the modern man and woman but also provide an experience that seamlessly fits in with your active lifestyle.

Establishing differentiation is important in field like fitness brands, that’s why we not only want to promote our products but also be associated with the fitness lifestyle & culture. For this we targeted young generation, who are fitness enthusiasts, sports persons by creating engaging posts.

We encourage our target audience by offering engaging contest posts, facts posts, and sale/offer posts in order to connect with them and drive sales for our active wear range.

In order to drive traffic to our website and have more sales, we also made Facebook ads in order to target our audience & get potential customers.

We also involved number of fitness influencers & send them free Fitkin apparel in the hope that they would wear and promote the products on their respective social media channels.

Overall it resulted into great engagement



50k +Reach

30k +Engagement

jaypee Plus

Industry – E-Commerce

Objective – Social

To Spread Awareness On Pan India Level About The New Series Of Household Product.

About Client

Jaypee Marketing is an outcome of the activity taken by DLJM to serve clients with rich quality, quirky products, and global designs, with the label of Jaypee Plus. They have been serving the nation for 70 years. It currently has home-ware products, Kitchen-ware, Kids Lunch boxes and Water Bottles.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness was one of the main focus while executing the campaign so as to deliver massive growth in the brand value while, keeping in mind about competitors that were overruling and creating an indulging space where housewives can find the right quality products.


The motive was to engage more audience on our Social Media Pages by creating a contest based on factors such as interest and targeting.

Eventually, we got a good response and engagement from the audience, which helps us in making it a huge success.

Induce Solution

Now, the point was to capture the audience organically, i.e. without any contest or gift hamper. So, we created a campaign for our audience to connect with them emotionally, which was followed by Mother’s Day Campaign.


Looking at the insights of the contest and campaigns, we did it!

50,000+ Engagement

4,00,000+ Impression

2,00,000+ Reach

Makeasy Global

Industry –

Objective –

A Hygiene And Healthcare Brand With A Progressive Ideology To Build A Strong Brand Reputation And Recognition Among All Ages In The Digital Platforms.

Makeasy Global is a brand with a vision for Health and Hygiene in the daily Lifestyle of women. Their products include a revolutionary pee device that offers the provision to stand and pee. Sanitary napkin, Body Wash, Wet Wipes, Incinerator to destroy the pad effectively and a Vending Machine to increase pads availability.

Building a brand’s Social Media presence is one of the greatest challenges when a brand is in an initial stage. To achieve this objective brand awareness campaigns were blended with informative and engaging events to target our potential customers of the age between 20 -40.

Extracting quality information, Maximum number of Page reach and unique target customers by articulating ‘Placements & Exposure factors like.

led to a hit a giveaway contest campaign eventually to encourage good number of interested customers and enthusiastic audience organically.

We involved the audience in a 5 Day contest/actions/events to engage the Target Audience of our community.

Campaigns generated interest among the audience in the Early ’20s and Late ’40s, engaged group of people sharing their knowledge and tips about what to have and what not to have during periods.

Overall it resulted into great engagement

2,50,000+ Engagement

3,50,000+ Impression

4,50,000+ Reach

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